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Even Aliens want to make money online, they came to earth to find out how they can make a lot of cash; and they have been so kind to share with us how they are making money online through our secret agents whom will pass the same through our blog posts.

Make Money Online Basics

Recently I have been trying to find ways to enhance one of my blogs which is fully IP Telephony technical related stuff, I have done a lot of research to find ways to increase traffic and enhance website ranking and found a lot of ways, through my research I have been introduced to ways to make money online ! at the beginning I thought that those sites are all scam and indeed most of them are but through my passion to look for new ways to make money online to enhance my monthly income, I discovered that you can make money online but its not simple at all.

Before we start discussing ways of earning money online there is a little tips that you need to take care of in order to avoid Scam sites:

1- If the website or program seems too good to be true, then defiantly it’s too good to be true and it’s Scam.

2- If the website or program asks you for money to start earning money, then it’s a Scam and after you pays the site you will not see any money.

3- If the website or program is a get rich quick website, then it’s a Scam.

4- If the website or program promise you that it would be so easy and will require no effort to make money, then it’s a Scam.

So can you really make money online?

Internet is a very dynamic and full of opportunities place, companies started to move there business online while new companies has just started providing services on the internet, Companies like Facebook or Twitter run there whole business online therefore all these companies simply needs advertisements to reach customers whom are now internet surfers and here were your part comes in, to run advertisements on your website.I have started the road to making money online through running ads on my website, it’s always better for you to have your own website or blog if you wanted to make money, there is a lot of ways to create a free website or blog like using Weebly services which allows you to create and manage free website or blog – you can read about my experience with Weebly- But you have to know that it will require a lot of work and you have to know exactly how to do it:

1- You need to have a good looking website design.

2- You need to have a good quality content that attract users, you should update content periodically.

3- You should have a great knowledge on how SEO, Keywords and backlinks works, this is the key for you to better your site ranking and increase traffic, which leads to more money earning.

4- You should always use every possible way you have to increase traffic to your website.

When you have your own website, it’s most probably that the topics that you choose are the topics that you know better, Which means that your website will be specific to only two or more topics like IP Telephony website, Networking, Programming, etc. Therefore not all internet surfers will be interested in your content, this will makes is a little harder for your to find the targeted traffic that you are looking for, researches showed that technical surfers are harder to click on your advertisements, remember that technical surfers are looking for technical information and staff, this is way they are surfing your website; and if they couldn’t find the information they are looking for they won’t be on your website in the first place. Also you should keep in mind that in order to run your own website or blog, you need to have a deep knowledge of how the internet and marketing works to earn a decent amount of money on your website or blog. All these reasons forced me to look for alternative sources to make money online which is Revenue sharing websites, I am still not saying that you shouldn’t run your own website or blog, I am saying that it shouldn’t be your primary source of making money online unless you really knows what you are doing.

Revenue sharing websites:

People that were exploring ways to earn money online has found that it’s harder for individuals to run their own websites and earn a decent a mount of money through that websites, So they come up with Revenue sharing websites or what I call them task redistribution websites, the idea itself is very simple as the Revenue sharing website have partnered with advertisers whom pays them money like Google Adsense and then allow you to write articles, and run ads on your articles once they have been published when, later you and the website will share the revenue from the advertisements, the website will take care of the website design, SEO, traffic, website ranking and ask you simply to only write articles and share your articles online, by this way many users will write on different topics and the website will become more content rich and attract all type of internet users, moreover these websites have what is called as referral programs; which is kind of reward system that will give you a portion of website earning from each user you refer to them, If you have been introduced to a website through a friend or even a website owner, don’t worry to join through their referral link as they will not deduct anything of your earnings but will take a portion of the website earning from you, moreover when you subscribe through your friend referral links while letting him know that, while increase the possibility that he will join a website you introduced to him through your referral links. This is actually happened with me as when I saw one of my readers subscribed to a website I introduced to him through my referral link, I joined a website that he introduced through his referral link.

If you are thinking of earning money on Revenue sharing websites to generate a decent amount on money that could probably allow you to quite your day job need a lot of work and wait, you should think of this as your part time job and work on these sites for 4 hours a day, you should wait for good a mount of time which is not less than 6 months to start seeing a decent passive income, I Know there was a lot of taking here but through my blog I will be exploring ways for website or blog owners to better rank there websites and explore ways to generate decent amount of money income for both website owners or whom interested on Revenue sharing websites.

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