How to Choose a Perfect Domain for Starting Your Blog?

How to Choose a Perfect Domain for Starting Your Blog?

Before you start writing content and optimize your blog, the first thing that needs to be done is the set up. You need to buy your hosting and most obviously, the domain. For starters, domain is like the address of your website whereas, hosting is the place where the website is built and all of its materials are placed.

When it comes to domain, choosing the same wisely is of high importance. When you start your blog, you obviously have a vision of developing the blog based on a certain keyword (Or, maybe a bunch of them). Obviously, you will like this website to be ranked for that specific keyword highly; otherwise people are unlikely to find the same. That’s where optimizing a site comes into place and domain takes an important role when it comes to on page optimization of your website.

Domain at par with the keyword                                                                                                   

I’ll try to explain this with some examples. The main point is: your domain name should contain your primary keyword if it does not match the keyword exactly (The latter is called an Exact Match Domain).

For an example, if you want to rank for a keyword “discount for midphase,” try to fetch a domain that contains this phrase. The first attempt should be made to come up with a domain discountformidphase, but, if that’s already taken, something like discountformidphasehere or discountformisphasenow should do as well. To be honest, the extension shouldn’t matter as long as you get com, net or org. Just try to avoid buying an info one and you should be fine.

 Add words to suffix

If you don’t know, there is a huge difference between herediscountformidphase and discountformidphasehere (I will continue with the example used above). For the former, the extra words to the keywords are added as prefix, but for the latter, it is suffix. The latter works as a charm as Google somehow finds your keywords first and then the added words and thus it believes your webpage is more relevant to the keyword.

Though, this theory is not full proof, from my personal experience, if you spend same amount of time in link building for both the domains, the latter will perform better in shorter span of time.

 Don’t Go For Domains with Hyphens

Though many internet marketing gurus will advise you otherwise (That go for discount-for-midphase if discountformidphase is not available), I say domains with hyphens (Some even advise to go with underscores), are strict no. They used to work well earlier, but, thanks to the ever changing Google algorithm, now domains with hyphens are considered spammy ones by the big G. Obviously, this spam thing won’t be applicable to already established websites, but they will be hard on your newly created blog for sure!

Now, you must be aware of the points to consider before buying a domain for your blog. If you have decided on your keyword, don’t wait any further and grab the desired domain name, before someone else gets it. You can go with GoDaddy, NameCheap, Name or Yahoo as these are the most renowned Domain Name Registrars available. For each of those, you will easily find discount coupons; apply those while checking out to save some money.

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