New Apps for the Facebook Timeline

New Apps for the Facebook Timeline

People are finally getting comfortable with the Facebook timeline, but a lot of businesses are still trying to figure out how to enhance their pages effectively. Let’s take a look at some popular Facebook applications that are fully compatible with the timeline and can act as an effective enhancement for your social media presence and online marketing.

Scribd for Portfolio Sites

Impress your fans and followers with PDF’s, slideshow presentations, images, documents and a slew of other portfolio items with the Scribd application for Facebook. Your fans will love it and adding quality content to your timeline is always beneficial.

The Pinterest App

If you’re a Pinterest fan and you’re company has a profile that benefits from the amazing pull that Pinterest has on its fans and followers then add the Pinterest profile to your business page. The app will allow your fans to see all of your great business and product images.

A Facebook Forum

If you’re fans love to chat a lot and they need a place to house their conversations then you need the forum app. Adding the forum app on your Facebook page is great for market research and adds to an increase in fan interaction. Getting your fans talking is a great way to participate and interact on one of the strongest social media platforms on the planet.

Google Maps

If you run a brick and mortar business and you have a lot of walk in traffic then you need to make it simple for your fans to find your shop. Adding the Google Maps application to your timeline allows your fans to see exactly where you are and find out the quickest way to get to you.

Each one of these amazing and free applications will help improve your social presence on Facebook and boost your social profile for your fans. When you make time to build out a solid timeline profile it definitely pays off. Facebook has become a major player in social advertising and a great opportunity should never go wasted! So seize the chance to really make your timeline stand out from the rest.

You can even take you Facebook Timeline to the next level by having your own custom apps created. There are tons of professionals and large brands creating their own apps to enhance the user experience and create an identity separate from the barrage of other business profiles on Facebook. When your users and fans are happy you’ll benefit from an increase in interaction on your page, and that means more business for you!

Which Facebook Timeline apps do you think are the most useful? Why? I’d be thrilled to hear how your business benefits from the new apps designed for Timeline.

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