How Small Business Websites Can Get Real Traffic

In 21st century, where ‘Cutthroat competition’ is the buzzword in the world of business, one wants to leave no stone unturned to get along and get ahead. Businesses are trying their hands on the every possible marketing platform in order to get maximum customers. One such area that’s making rave reviews is the Internet. Considering the mammoth rise in the tech-savvy consumers, it has become inevitable for most of the businesses to go online. They want to cash on these modern customers who like to shop from the net.

But there’s a catch. Online platform is open to all the businesses – big or small. Anyone who can invest more on efficient internet marketing practices like SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), etc. will obviously have an edge over the others who can’t. So what bothers me here is – what is the fate of small businesses who want to make a mark on the same platform where there are such big players whose budget for internet marketing exceeds the formers’ entire revenue. In this article I have discussed some simple ways that could help the small business websites to get the deserved online traffic.

Provide the expected info

Earlier, say about a decade ago, having a business website was supposed to be a big deal. Today, it’s simply expected by the consumers. Now, what sets you apart is that you are providing sufficient expected information or not.

For instance, a person is searching for some service in his location and you are providing that service. When, a customer searches on the net for the same, then you are expected to get a call from him as compared to others who don’t have website packed with reliable and required info.

The local customer will not go to any other site if yours website has the sufficed info as others would not be having much more to tell. So, simply give what is expected of you and you will definitely get customers searching for a service/product with a City name or Zip.

Get Along With Big Players

So you are small company with small budget for comprehensive internet marketing. No big deal. Just get the big players to showcase your user reviews on their websites. Plenty of consumers go for User Reviews before they buy the product, especially when a not so famous company is in question.

It’s always good to have the satisfied customers’ testimonials on your website but they can have a marvelous impact if they were on some other websites that have a great credibility in the eyes of customers. Such testimonials would be impartial as well. Imagine if your sites testimonial is being mentioned on, what value your site could attain. Your product or service, if showed on a site with a higher Page Rank than yours, obviously you will also have a chance to be on the top of SERP for that particular product/service’s query. So playing along with big players can also help. And bigger they are the better.

Play a Fame-Game

You can’t get the Search Engines visitors as your customers from day one. It is a long journey requiring great efforts. It’s all about publicity. However it is much more easy for all the established players to grab the public’s attention, a small business can achieve the same by applying little more mind and effort. Public is crazy about a great story. Give media a one and if you are lucky enough, the fame and fortune just follows. Social media services are of great help in this regard.

What dominates Search Engine?

There are 2 basic elements that make a product/service and the associated company rule the web –

  1. Specialization – Either you are  dealing in a special/unique product that solves a unique problem and doesn’t have enough competitors
  2. Famous – You are dealing in a mass product/service i.e. a product that is commonly used by almost every other guy on the planet. In this category, only the Brands (i.e. famous companies) tend to make a mark

If you are just a new entrant, your success depends entirely on an attention-grabbing business which is also constructive in the long run. Some special element that makes you a ‘must have’ in the lives of the consumers is what’s required.

Even if yours a small budding business trying to make it big in the market, you can do so if you can just be little smarter to get through to the top. It has been done several times in the history of mankind and can be repeated again. Remember what Facebook did to people and its established Social Media competitors.

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Sunita Biddu is SEO consultant and conversion analyst who loves share her web and entrepreneurial experience. Focusing more on rich user experience, she loves to achieve top ranks irrespective of frequent search engine updates. She is a season blogger and loves to pick up paints and brushes when have free time. Sunita loves to get social. Connect with her at Facebook,  Google+TwitterPinterest and Linkedin. Visit her personal blog or Website designing portal to know how she can help you more.

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  1. Sally Medina says:

    Great Tip! Small businesses could go far if we choose the right strategy and as stated that we should have an “attention grabbing” element.

  2. Small Businesses need these tips as they often can not afford the large fees and sometimes suspect practices of SEO companies. Many thx for the great post, Richard
    Richard recently posted..LinkedIn SEO: The Social Engine Optimization of LinkedInMy Profile

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