Making Money online using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Out of all the different Amazon sites available Amazon MTurk is the only Amazon site to be categorized as an Amazon Web Service Site. MTurk is an internet market place for crowed sourcing, that enables requesters (computer programmers) to interact with clients who are looking to get their work done using Human Intelligence. MTurk is a site where computer programmers become a member and once they get their membership the programmers are assigned tasks called as Human intelligence tasks (HITS). Each HITS is assigned to multiple programmers and then all the HITS are reviewed by the requester and he will decide on paying the programmer depending on the quality of the HITS.

The different kind of tasks assigned on MTurk are sorting files folders, writing articles and rewriting articles and conducting surveys. For members/workers who frequent this site are given a software from MTurk that does the requesting for HITS and once the HITS are completed and posted in this software it is delivered automatically to the requester. MTurk uses Amazon payments to pay their workers; after the first payment is made to a member the payments are automated to your account. Most of the HITS are for completing websites or redesigning websites, creating images and graphic outlines as requested by the clients.

There are certain regulations and rules to meet MTurk’s criteria to become a member/worker, the very first criteria are that the member has to be an American or an Indian Citizen. Or the member has to be residing in any of these two countries, or at least have a permanent address in either India or North America. The complex nature of each HITS is evaluated by the requester and is then assigned to programmers with the experience to complete the HITS, there is a time limit given and the HITS have to be completed by then. Once the task is complete and sent for review if the HITS are accepted the payment is made to your Amazon Payment Account.

MTurk is certainly a better option when it comes to making money online, most of the tasks or HITS are very interesting to work on. I have personally come across HITS that very simple and others that are very complicated, so there is always something to do during your spare time and make money while you are at it. For those members who clear HITS as a fulltime job say it is very convenient for them as they can work from anywhere, anytime. MTurk payments are prompt and the member has to start up an Amazon payment account in order to receive payments. The money from Amazon payment account can be directly deposited to your bank accounts on request.

The best thing about MTurk is that there is always work and you can keep requesting for HITS as you finish them, this way work never dies out and there is always something interesting to do. If you have been assigned a HITS that you are not familiar with you can send the HITS back to the requester and you will be assigned with another HITS instead.

To become a member in MTurk you will need the following:

  • US or Indian citizenship.
  • PC/Mac with internet connection.
  • Amazon Membership.
  • Amazon payment account.

Getting started is quite easy, turn on your computer and logon to and you need to select “Worker link” which can be found on the top right hand corner of the screen. Registration for the site requires all your personal information like SSN and home address, Amazon payment account is mandate in order to become a member. Once you become a member HITS are assigned and it’s time to start making money.

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