Tips to Perform Solid On-Page SEO

Tips to Perform Solid On-Page SEO

Your Los Angeles SEO company likely performs both off-page optimization and on-page optimization. In this case, we’ll be covering the basic nuts and bolts of performing on-page SEO. Following these tips will better add some fluidity and understanding to the on-page process.

So you’ve been assigned to work on a specific website. Examine the website and know what it’s all about, as you’ll have to formulate a single keyword phrase which captures its essence. The main page and index will also use this primary keyword.

Secondary keywords will also be strewn throughout website, with one per page. Usually, five secondary keywords per page is an acceptable starting-out point. As your website grows, you can add new pages filled with new content, and thus new secondary keywords, on a regular basis.

Title tags, as any Los Angeles SEO professional can attest to, are one of the most vital parts of your SEO campaign. Your title tag has to contain your keyword in order for it to function properly and get good rankings. If you put your company name or a salutation in the title tag, it will actually be rendered useless by search results.

You on-page SEO will require that you create two sitemaps. The first sitemap will be an HTML sitemap for your visitors. The second will be an XML sitemaps for search engines and Google crawlers.

professionals of SEO Los Angeles tend to recommend anywhere between 500 to 900 words per article. It’s also not a shabby idea to introduce graphics to break up the text.

Watch for the keyword density on each of your pages. Although quality content should be your chief concern over keywords and linking, your keyword needs to have at least a one-time presence in order for search engines to recognize the page. Most SEOs recommend a keyword density of about five percent, meaning that your primary keyword should actually be in the text quite a few times. Using it twice in the beginning paragraph and once in every other paragraph can be a good start.

Metatags are also an important part of your on-page SEO. Every page usually has at least two meta tags. One meta tag contains a description of the page, while the other contains the page’s primary and secondary keywords.

If and when you put images on your website, be sure to have an Alt tag with them. This tag describes the image itself.

Inbound links in content tend to be a hot button issue, as SEOs tend to disagree on how many inbound links are acceptable in content. The number doesn’t matter as much as their relevant usage, however. When anchor text is linked from another source to your website, it’s important that the link is used in a context that is relevant to your site.

These tips should help get your on the right track towards your on-page SEO ventures.

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  2. Carolyn, Those are great tips on On-Page SEO from Los Angeles SEO company. I still had little confusion about meta tags, thanks for making it clear here. :)
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  3. I must say that this was a very informative post on On Page SEO Optimization. One can only get success as a blogger when the On Page SEO Optimization has been perfectly done by the blogger…

  4. Thanks for your comment and advise.
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  5. Hi Carolyn, Personally speaking I think that SEO is made far more complicated than it has to be. I don’t pay much attention to keyword density or meta tag descriptions. And it has not effected my SEO rankings.
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