3 Great Online Money Making Ideas in 2013

3 Great Online Money Making Ideas in 2013

Even President Obama emphasized a power of Internet marketing in November 2012. The fact is that Internet marketing has become an important part of economy structure, yet it is still underrated in some way. People are not informed about the Internet Marketing at all. The majority thinks 99% of IM is a scam, while people who don’t believe in that, think how you need to be technically super skilled to earn money online. They are both wrong.

To earn money online, you don’t need to be a computer genius or a crazy programmer. There is a lot of money making ideas which can be very profitable although you don’t need to be a Jedi (web)Master to start to earn from that methods. I will give you some tips here based on my own experience, what would be the best money making ideas to start to earn money online.

CPA Marketing

My favorite way of earning money online! Actually, compared with the other forms of marketing, CPA (cost per action) is a very low competition industry.

What is CPA? I am sure most of you know- CPA is a part of affiliate marketing, but its benefits are: you don’t need to sell anything. You are paid a commission for a wide range of offers. It can be just simple email / zip code submit or free trial, mobile offers, etc. Basically all you have to do is to drive traffic to an offer you promote. Every time when a visitor fill out his email/zip code or submit for an offer, you will earn money. CPA is a very profitable business because you earn from leads, you don’t need to sell anything. You are just a promoter. This is the reason that CPA offers often converts much better than affiliate marketing sales.

Also, there is a plenty of CPA networks you can join and start to promote their offers in order to get paid.

Email Marketing

Most of you already read somewhere that ”money is in the list”, right? That is true. Estimated earnings are approximately $1/month per each visitor. Imagine if you build a list which consists from few hundred highly targeted subscribers. The best part – it is not so hard! I have just started to creating an email list for one niche, five weeks ago. I already have almost 400 hundred subscribers. I am constantly providing good information on my list in order to engage my subscribers. I can promote anything – affiliate marketing products, CPA offers, my services, etc. People usually think it is very hard to build a list. It is not a piece of cake, but it is really not that hard. To be honest, it is a lot harder to engage your visitors with a unique approach to them over the email. People get sick and tired of email spamming and emails written in a sales manner with only one purpose – to sell something. Instead of it you should focus on hearing the pulse of your subscribers – what do they want, how can you help them. That way you will connect more with them and you will be more successful.

Fiverr Gigs

Ok, this is a very lucrative money making idea. If you already know what is a Fiverr, head on to their website and see various gigs. Browse a lot. I am sure you will find something which will inspire you to offer a gig there on your own. There are various gigs there, from social media marketing, spreading flyers to making funny videos or selling ebooks in bulk. I am sure you will come up with some idea. After you create a few gigs (Tip – always create a video to promote your gig!) promote it over your social network accounts. Like I said, this can be very, very lucrative method to earn money.

Make a full-time income with Internet marketing in 2013. Be persistent. Be creative. You will succeed. It is not that hard like people think.

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Judy Helton is a full-time Internet marketer since 2009. She likes to blog about various money making ideas. Judy is also a owner of moneymakingideasblog.com website where she provides quality information about Internet marketing. There is also a “coaching from the scratch” section on the blog where Judy explains step by step how to earn money on the Internet.

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  1. Making money online is easier than most people think. It is flexible in the use of time. This is an excellent post to show people that anyone is capable of doing so. Your examples are good for start ups.
    Connor Harley recently posted..How To Get Emergency CashMy Profile

    • Hi Connor,

      Well, I would to disagree a little on easier, Yes it’s easier to make money at your own comfort rather than working for somebody else on a full day job, but it’s not that easier, you should be knowing exactly what you are doing, how to do it and have the effort to do it. Thanks for your comment.
      Qasim recently posted..Earning extra dollars onlineMy Profile

  2. Well, CPA has been around for a while and is now there with every business. I am yet to understand how can it be a sure shot way to earn..
    Linda recently posted..2 carat diamond stud earringsMy Profile

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your comment, CPA can help you make money but for that you need to have an established website with good amount of traffic and a loyal readers whom trust your words, then you can present to them products that can help them solve there issue and this is how you can make money with it.
      Qasim recently posted..Blogging: How to Make Smart BlogsMy Profile

  3. Nice tips, I believe Fiverr Gigs are the best and quickest way to drive some decent bucks to your pockets. Nice Article.
    Techallianz recently posted..The HP Envy X2 laptopMy Profile

  4. I would say there is nothing better than the Fiverr gigs among the 3 you have mentioned above. I am on Fiverr since a year and I can’t explain the speed of income that I get from there. Just few words of promotional offer will get instantly replied by buyers and you get paid. I am seriously crazy about it! However email marketing is another great way to getting it.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jems Holden recently posted..Creating Strong Email Subject LinesMy Profile

  5. online money making is easy if you have some knowledge about seo,keyword optimization,linkbuilding ,marketing,etc.you also acquire some knowledge about above option search /read it or discus a skilled person about online money making.verified site like freelancer.com. odesk.com.elance.com. etc also world wide popular.its easy to earn money.
    shahriar recently posted..Linkedin Profiles Are Boring!My Profile

  6. Email marketing, CPA are fine to make good amount of money. But how much I can earn with Fiverr Gig’s? I have no idea about that while I haven’t work with fiverr yet!

    • Hi,

      That depends on the services you provide, the skills you have and your customer satisfaction, at the beginning you should look for the best selling gigs and try to offer similar service but with more to give or less time to do and slowly you will given extra orders. Once you improve your seller level no body can stops you since you can add gigs extra for value that is more than 5$, their is a lot of people whom are making a living from it, it’s much better than most freelancer sites.
      Qasim recently posted..Internet Marketing Tips To Generate Revenue for Your BusinessMy Profile

  7. Hello Qasim,

    Thank you for sharing this. I was kind of wondering if Google Adsense is still a good way to earn money online this 2013. How much do you expect in a month using this scheme. Please let me know.
    James Dreesen recently posted..Part 3: The Search Engines and How to Protect Your Online ReputationMy Profile

  8. Somehow I agree that those are all good. There may be so many ways to earn money online but choosing the right one is very important.

  9. Thanks for the tip – actually had not considered using Fiverr myself to generate revenue so you got me thinking about making cartoons for people and using it as an opportunity to promote my blog at the same time :)
    Wonkie recently posted..Easter Bunny tips on Managing Violent Crime – Cartoon!My Profile

  10. No matter which business you choose, online or off, consistency is the key. The great benefits of self employment such as flexibilty, being your own boss, tax breaks etc, do require that you work. I see a lot of bashing of MLM, direct sales or online opportunities. I suspect that in many cases the people who do the bashing are frustrated because they did not work the business or expected it to come faster for them. The people who lead in these businesses are willing to put in the time and effort to make them work! IMHO

  11. I think these are already known, but I have not understood how email marketing can make a little income for us. Can you explain ?

  12. Doing fiverr gigs is a great way to get started making money online.
    Don’t forget that once you have sold a gig to a client then they are prime candidates to be upsold your premium offer – which of course is a lot more than you would normally make on fiverr.

    Alan Oliver recently posted..Get Massive Amounts Of Web Traffic Using This Hidden Ninja Tactic That I’m Giving Away To You For Free!My Profile

  13. In my opinion you just can’t beat good old fashioned SEO services. In this economic climate people are desperate to get more market share in their sectors. SEO sells!

  14. I disagree on the CPA. It used to be easy peasy but nowadays is seems like the good old days of easy CPA cash are gone. Maybe it’s my attitude but i don’t see those beautiful CPA checks like i used to. Most solid is the email list imho.
    Autoverzekering recently posted..Autoverzekering vergelijkenMy Profile

  15. I Am Newbie Here And Recently Start A Blog To Make Money Online. I Heard Blogging Is The Most Effective Ways to Earn Massive Cash Online, So I Decide To Start Blogging But Which Topic Is Most Effective To Earn Massive Cash?
    Thanks For Your Great Content

  16. These are such great ideas for making money online in 2013. Specially when i talk about CPA Marketing. However Google Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon is also the best ways for earning money online but what you have described is also one of the best way for making income at home.
    Vivek Jain recently posted..Google Adsense Program for Youtube VideosMy Profile

  17. CPA I would say is not easy to earn.
    Some networks will pay you only when somebody purchases through you
    CPA requires lot of tactics, hardwork and patience.
    WordPressThemeIt recently posted..How to arrange your widgets in the side bar?My Profile

  18. Excellent article! I love seeing readily available information on the subject. Earning money online is just such a valuable tool accessible by everyone. While it may be difficult to get into, it can add a lot of money to anyone’s income once learned. I personally use CPA marketing and I love it. I’m nearing in on making it my full time income which is a HUGE help for me as a college student. Keep up the quality money online posts!

    Make Money Online recently posted..How to Make Money Online! • Earn Money Online Jobs! • Work From Home!My Profile

  19. believe me there is no more easier way to make money than online. as it entails working in ones decided time, from the comfort of ones home without the harsh experience from transportation and boss. as opposed to working for someone.

  20. I really prefer other freelancing websites, other than fiverr. I would think about outsourcing from fiverr but when I want to make money I would use Elance. It is much better and gives you much more money,
    Nermeen recently posted..Freelance tips and personal experienceMy Profile

  21. Hi Andrew,

    Well there is a lot of websites like Fiverr that allow you to make money by selling your services and it can really build a business for some people, Thanks for your comment.
    Qasim recently posted..Social Media StardomMy Profile

  22. great ideas and working on CPA networks looks so hard to me, even I know we can make lot of money with CPA companies
    Rais Zada recently posted..$25 Bonus: How To Make Money with Payoneer Refer a Friend ProgramMy Profile

  23. I think having a professional domain as well as buying webhosting are one of the secrets to earn money online. You are guaranteed that everything you put there is yours and you don’t have to worry about anything. Anyway, I learned new stuff here. Other things that I haven’t thought of making money online. CPA, Email Marketing (I wanna try this but the monthly fee is what makes me stop as I don’t have enough money to fund it) and fiverr. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post and this blog rocks!

  24. You know i have done fiverr selling for sometime and was making huge money before a competitor flag my most popular gigs.
    They bought it and never submit complete details and after the required time to receive their order, they drop very negative reviews.

    If you want to make money from fiver, don’t go near the seo section, the competitions will exhaust you.
    frank joseph recently posted..How to get Backlinks for your websiteMy Profile

  25. Hello Qasim, i totally agree with Frank Joseph, you know, any SEO section online is a pack of war , because the competition is fierce and there’s are lots of Negative SEO, and about fiverr, what else can we say?

    When the people over there are making over $5,000 monthly, and their greed won’t never let them let anyone in! they know themselves in that niche, and for you to enter there, you need to have the heart of a old witch, to also NEG rep all your competitors too.
    Isaiah Joe recently posted..How to Increase Google Adsense EarningsMy Profile

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