How Your Web Host Affects SEO

How Your Web Host Affects SEO

Search Engine Optimization and other page rank tasks are major components of getting your website to rank on search engines. Your Web host has a lot to do with your website’s SEO management capabilities. Site speed, Web host location, and if the Web host hosts spam websites all affect your website’s SEO and page rankings, and merit some analysis.

Your Web Host and Your Site Speed

Search engines use a variety of factors in ranking websites, with website speed being just one among many. But users who work to speed up their websites report that it improves traffic. Additionally, site loading speed matters for your audience, who click away quickly when they don’t get the information, entertainment, or experience they want, notes the iAcquire blog. The faster your Web hosting, the better for your SEO and page ranking. The more control you have over your server settings to make your pages load faster, the more traffic your site will be able to handle, and the higher your page rank will be. That’s important for both individual websites and website resellers that manage virtual private servers and benefit from features such as cPanel VPS at

Does Web Host Location Matter?

With a multitude of Web hosting services with servers all around the world, you may not think that Web host location matters to site maintenance and performance. Geographic location is a factor in how traffic comes to your site. Change your IP address or the geographic location of the Web server to experiment with getting your server closer to users.

Web Host Reputation

David Murton of StayOnSearch explains that shared hosting makes sense for many smaller websites and blogs that just don’t need and can’t afford dedicated hosting. But he cautions users about shared hosting services that also host spammer websites because it could affect their search engine rankings to be in the same company with spam and porn sites. He suggests asking your Web hosting service if it hosts porn sites and other questionable sites.

Other Things to Know about Your Web Host

Other things to know about your web host that affect your SEO include percentage of guaranteed uptime and administrative panel SEO features. Too much website downtime can cause search engines the see your website as unavailable and drop its rankings. Murton advises users to make the administrative panel a top priority in choosing web services and look for panels with automatic SEO features. Those with features and tools to integrate SEO applications make it easier to quickly adjust SEO efforts.

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