The Ultimate Guide to get more blog traffic (30 Tips inside)

The Ultimate Guide to get more blog traffic (30 Tips inside)

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Traffic! who doesn’t want to get a lot of f traffic to his blog or website. Traffic can help you reach your business goals by getting more customers, more blog readers and more money. It’s important that you have more than one traffic source.

Below is a list of the different ways you can get traffic to your blog or business website:

1- Advertise:

Advertising can help you spread the word about your blog or business website on other places your website couldn’t reach. Use different PPC programsdisplay advertising or advertising at other blogs in your niche.

2- Affiliate Marketing:

Most of you know affiliate marketing, most probably because you are subscribed to many affiliate programs in an effort to make money online. And this is the same reason why affiliate marketing can help you get a lot of traffic by offering people a commission for promoting your products and services just like how BlogEngage is offering Affiliate program for promoting their Syndication services. While people promote their services for a commission this helps BlogEngage grows in Traffic and members.

3- Article marketing:

Article marketing is the process of writing an article to promote your blog or business on other high authority websites. Write articles about your blog on websites like Hubpages, Squidoo, etc.

4- Blog Commenting

Comment on high authority blogs in your niche will not only help you get more traffic and get free backlinks. But will help you also get more exposure on that blog, it’s like being featured on a TV show.

Make sure that you write quality comments that add value and make the readers interested enough to click on your link to know more about you. If you run a WordPress website; make sure that you have Commentluv plugin installed to manage your comments.

5- Blogging communities

Blogging communities is a great place to get free traffic, backlinks, more engagement at your blog and create awareness about your blog. Some of the top blogging communities to join is BlogEngage, Blokube, BizSugar, Kingged, Klinkk and Dosplash.

6- Build your blog on Quality Content and provide unique Information:

By writing quality content and by providing unique information that nobody has people would want to read your blog. If your visitors don’t find interesting information in your blog they will leave it and never come back. Always try to improve your post quality and Make your blog scannable so that it’s easier to read. Follow those 5 steps on how to become a mindblowing blogger to Save your blog from becoming boaring.

If you don’t have time to blog you can always recycle your old content. Not only your own content but other people contents as long as you mentioned the source and share from your own viewpoint.

7- Classified Listing or Ads

Classified Listing or Classified ads websites are normally used for physical products. But it can be used for online services as Classified website started to include categories for such services. If your blog or business provide physical products then you should join OLX Classified Ads website which offers it services in more than 106 Countries.

8- Directory Submission:

There is hundreds of website directories available online both Paid and free that you can use to submit your website to and get free backlink. Some of these directories have high authority within Google Search Engine and can tell the search engine if your website worth indexing like You can use this List of Popular website Directories.

9- Ebooks:

Ebooks can be a great way to increase your blog traffic or build your email list. Write and publish your ebook including a link to your blog or to posts that worth mentioning. You can giveaway your Ebooks to get higher traffic.

10- Email Subscribtion

Email is still the top form of communication. Build your Email List from the first day you start your blog so that you can share your latest posts with your subscribers. Make sure to effectively write your email to maximize your Email Click through.  Use the top Email marketing providers like MailChimp, Aweber or any of it’s alternatives.

11- Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a huge source of traffic if done effectively. You need to engage with the group members so that they interact more with your posts. Here is a list of over 500 Facebook Groups to join in different niches.

12- Forum promotion

Forum posting can be good for your business and can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. Join Forums in your niche, read Forum rules before you start posting. Make sure to add valuable posts that help other people to solve their problems.

13- Giveaways and contest:

Giveaways can drive massive traffic to your blog and increase your social media engagement. As per this infographic 35% of all Facebook Fanpage likes are coming as an entry to Giveaway. This show us how important giveaways could be to your business. But make sure to organize your giveaway and plan for it probably so that your giveaways doesn’t fail.

14- Google+ Communities:

Like Facebook groups. Google+ Communities can help you get free traffic, here is a list of 200 Google+ Communities to join in different niches.

15- Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the best ways not only to increase your website traffic but also to create awareness about your blog. This method is used by the most successful bloggers in the blogsphere.

Although some bloggers are claiming that Matt Cutts through his latest post at his blog said that Google put an end for guest posting for SEO. But they misunderstood the message. Google has put an end to SPAM guest posting and Spam blog farms.

I was myself practicing guest posting wrong by accepting many guest posts on my blog due to the lack of time to write more posts. You can read my article on how this hurt my blog. Zac Johnson supports my claim that Google is fighting spam guest posting practices and not guest posting itself in his article.

If you are looking for the best places to get guest posts then you have to check Myblogguest where you can find free guest posts. Also join PostJoint where you can find free and paid guest posts.

16- Infographics:

Sharing Infographics at your blog is easy and can drive massive traffic to your blog. You can share popular infographics in your niche writing your own description of what you have learned from this infographic. Or you can build your own infographic in less than an hour using many of the free Infographic generation tools.

17- Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic you get from Search engine. Make sure your blog is SEO optimized by performing Keyword research using Keyword tools such as Google Adwords Keyword planner tool. Optimize your meta description and Bulding Backlinks to Get ranked higher on search engine. Make sure as well that your blog is optimized for Local Search.

18- Press Release:

Press Release can increase your exposure and reach more potential readers. It keeps you readers updated with your blog or website latest features. The traffic Press Releases drive to your blog is targeted traffic. Here is an article at Problogger on reasons why you should use Press Release.

19- Podcast

Podcasts are becoming more popular today. You can start your own podcast series and include a link to your blog. Here is a complete guide at ABCDblogging on how to start podcasting at your blog.

Or you can transform your blog posts to audio podcast for greater accessibility to your articles using many free text to speech softwares. And then publish it at podcast websites like iTunes. This would bring massive traffic specially if you have a series of blog posts about the same topic. Here is an article at mashable on Converting your blog post to podcast.

20- Questions & Answers sites:

Join Q/A websites. You can help people find answers to their problems by presenting them with a solution from one of your blog posts. You can also get ideas for new blog posts from questions asked. Some popular website to join: Yahoo answers,, Qoura, etc. Read this article on how to Milk 1000’s of free laser targeted traffic.

21- Reviews:

People love to read reviews before buying a product or registering at a website. Write useful reviews at your blog to get huge traffic. Read Justin Germino guest post at basicblogtips on how to write better product reviews.

22- RSS feed subscription:

Provide a way for people to subscribe to your RSS feeds, RSS feeds are easy to setup, you set it once and it will automatically work for you. It’s an excellent method to drive traffic to your website if you have a lot of subscribers. Also make sure to submit your RSS feeds to free or Paid RSS syndication websites. You can also join blogengage RSS syndication services.

23- Slideshare:

Presentations is one of the ways to show your expertise in your niche. Slideshare is one of the top websites where people look for presentations.

If you have any presentation to share or if you can convert you blog posts to presentation and then upload it to Slideshare, then you can generate a massive traffic from Slideshare. Optimize your uploaded presentation file for search engine and setback waiting for the massive traffic. Read Ann Hoffman article on how to Generate traffic to your blog using Slideshare.

24- Social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. Can bring you a lot of traffic. But don’t waste your time on the wrong social bookmarking website. Make sure it’s popular, it brings traffic and it’s targeted to your niche.

Read how I was able to generate 45K visits to single post using StumbleUpon. Check out those 11 StumpleUpon similar websites to find out the most popular and best relative social bookmarking websites.

25- Social media exchange websites

Social media exchange websites can help you build your social media presence by getting more social media account followers and more social media traffic for free. Signup for free at my own social media exchange website or read more about it here.

26- Social media websites:

Social media website can help you get more traffic and build awareness about your brand if you establish yourself as in influncer in your niche. You can even make money with your social media accounts. You should always use social media for your blog post promotion. You can generate a lot of traffic using social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Scheduling your social media posts can help you get more traffic with scheduled posts by publishing the same post at different times when different set of your followers are online.

You need to make sure that you write interesting posts to maximize your click through. Check out Harleena Singh guest post at Probloggingsuccess for some revealed Blog promotion secrets.

27- Tell Stories:

People love to read stories as they feel it has more credibility, they love to learn from other people experience. Write an interesting story that people would love to read and then would love to share.

28- Top Lists posts

Like Stories, People love to read  top lists as they are simple, easy to read and straight to the point. Top lists posts have a catchy tittles which maximize click through when shared on social media websites or appeared as a search results.

29- Twitter Exchange website:

Twitter exchange websites can help you grow your twitter accounts followers and get a lot free retweets. Join JustRetweet for free. Make sure to write interesting tweets that people would love to share.

30- Video promotion

Video marketing is one of the viral traffic sources these days, websites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Can generate quality traffic to your website. You don’t need to be an expert in Video production, you can create a short promotional video by yourself for free. Checkout Ileane Smith article on how to Get more Youtube views. Her blog Basicblogtips include a lot of resources on Video marketing.


There is a lot of ways to generate traffic to your blog. But not all  would work for your niche or your blog. You don’t have the time to use them all with each post; so you need to test out these ways and focus on the ones that brings the highest traffic.

At the end, I hope those tips can help grow your website traffic and reach your goals. I will keep updating this list with more useful resources for traffic generation so bookmark this post. if you have any tip that worth mentioning; please let me know in your comment.

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  1. Well done on this post, Qasim. I agree that this is a very detailed post on ways to get traffic to one’s blog. You definitely covered a lot of ways that most people probably didn’t know of.

    You also obviously did a lot of work in preparing this post, especially by linking to additional resources and information on lots of the ways you mentioned here. Good job!

    And thanks for mentioning as one of the ways to get more blog traffic. I am sure you have experienced a good amount of traffic from Kingged these couple of days from having your articles shared there, so you are speaking from experience, :)

    One thing I want to add here is that it’s good for bloggers to pick the methods that work best for them and focus on them, rather than try to use all these methods. But knowing all these methods is better, as this allows one to go through and pick the most suitable methods, instead of only being presented with limited options.

    Once again, this is a very good article. Thanks, Qasim, for taking the time to write it and for sharing it yourself on I agree that it makes truth of the statement “Content is King” and I have “kingged” it, :) I hope others do too.
    Kingsley recently posted..Creating better contents with Social Media Embedded postsMy Profile

    • Hi My friend,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your thoughts on this, Kingged is one of the best communities to join not only because of the traffic but also because of the members engagement.

      I totally agree with you as one can’t have time to use all methods even if he wanted to, and also not all traffic methods works for all and testing is the best way to figure out which one works for you.

      Thanks again for your comment, appreciate it.

  2. Awesome share my friend, I think this is it, all ways to generate traffic, all those practicing them should meet success in short time.

    Quick note: Suqidoo correct is Squidoo, greet is actually great, no body should be nobody, beoming boaring should be becoming boring.

    Please don’t get upset, I too make mistakes all the time and that’s because I’m working late or I simple don’t know the correct version, but the most important is to learn from mistakes, this is life after all. Isn’t buddy?

    We’ll meet often from now, I just subscribed. Kind regards!
    I. C. Daniel recently – How to Make a Lot of Money with ClickBankMy Profile

  3. Hi Qasim,
    Very informative post!
    We can’t really depend on Google every time for traffic, and its good to find other resources to drive traffic.
    I think blogging communities are very effective and we can drive lots of traffic by engaging. . .
    you have shared varies methods to drive traffic, thanks!
    Adithya Shetty recently posted..How to Effectively Prepare Your Blog or Website to Be SoldMy Profile

  4. Hi Qasim,
    Thanks for the great tips in this article. For me, I like using guest posts and social media with most of my blogs. Guest posts usually aren’t going to lead to huge rushes of traffic, but they are great for slowly building traffic and the visitors often become loyal followers of your blog.
    Marc Andre recently posted..7 Ways to Decrease Your Dependency on Google for TrafficMy Profile

  5. Hi Qasim, blog commenting is a real good one! It takes time and dedication to read over the posts but I think when it’s done right, can work wonders. I think by far it’s the best ROI when trying to make new connections and actually interacting with the blog owner. You’re doing a great job of that here as well as I can see.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Community Member Spotlight with DJ ThistleMy Profile

  6. Nice post Qasim. Blogging communities are awesome source of free traffic for me. Video marketing is also most effective and trending way to get more traffic. I usually used funny and weird videos to get traffic for my local
    Haroon recently posted..How I got Free traffic from blog communitiesMy Profile

  7. Thanks for linking to me. Appreciate it.

  8. That’s really a huge list of tips and any blogged would love to follow them, Thanks Qasim for posting an amazing post.
    Josh recently posted..Migrate from Windows XP with PCmover ExpressMy Profile

  9. Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your valuable thoughts.
    Qasim recently posted..How to Monetize Your YouTube Account – InfographicMy Profile

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