Write For Your Website Like A Real Artist

Write For Your Website Like A Real Artist

All bloggers and SEO specialists know that content plays a very important role for a website promotion and popularity. Everyone advises you to pay attention to what you write about, and how to do that in order to attract your readers’ attention. We all know that content is a king, and so on and so forth. We read some tips and advice on how to make this content useful and interesting, what niche to choose, what title to write, what images to use… blah-blah-blah! These boring info is familiar to everyone, who heard the word “blog” at least once. It’s high time to reveal the ugly truth: users do NOT read your content!

Are you kidding me?

Nope, we aren’t. Internet users are too lazy to read everything you write about. They come to the Web to relax and find the information fast. They do not consider your blog being an exciting book to read day by day without missing every small but interesting detail, important to the plot. The fact is, your readers SCAN your content. And here is a conclusion: writing for a website differs much from writing for a newspaper, a magazine, or a book. Our task is to write for a website like real artists to make a reader pick up several sentences at least and want to read the rest. It can be so offensive, when you work hard on every sentence of your article, but no one has a desire to read it, can’t it?

Statistics says that only 16% of users read all content word by word. You task is to make the readers of your blog join these 16%. How to do that?

  • Let them scan

Do they scan your content? Let them do this. Just make your text scannable, and it’s much easier to do than you think:

  • meaningful headings
  • bold and italics
  • lists
  • one idea per paragraph
  • catchy first words

Make your readers see the important information at once they open your web page. When they scan your text and see all meaningful info at once, it will give them enough information to decide whether they continue reading it or not.

2. Make your content look like F

What does it mean actually? The point is that a visitor reads first two paragraphs of your text (this is a top of F, as you can see), and then he goes down to the left. Don’t ignore this fact when you compose your post:

  • share all important info in the first 2 paragraphs
  • use information-carrying words to start a new paragraph with
  • avoid long lines
  • your text should be left-align (it will be easier for readers to scan your text fast)

3. Use catchy headings

Yes, we know that people like images, and we always try to use bright pictures to attract readers’ attention to our article. Well, it works perfectly for women’s magazines or newspapers, but not for online blogs. You should remember, that people come to your blog to find and read useful information, not just see pictures (they can easily do that today with Instagram for example). That is why pay much attention to your meaningful and catchy headings as well.

4. Forget about long narrations

As far as we all have understood already, Internet readers don’t want to waste their time on reading long stories. They come to the Web to hunt for the info they find really useful. And if you write about how well you spent time with your son in Disneyland and how many exciting places you saw there, believe us: nobody cares. All they want to know is the list of exact exciting places you saw in order to keep them in mind and visit when they will be in Disneyland themselves.

So, what do we have here? Have you read this article till the very end?

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  1. I also agree because writing an article is an art. You draw your emotions and knowledge in order for your readers to appreciate your masterpiece and in turn you will get traffic.
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